Google Adwords Course

Google Adwords Training Course (3 days)

“Be Found In More Online Searches”. ‎ By this phrase Google summarized the target of Google advertising program ,but the real situation of advertising on Google Adwords is different.
It is a challenge to be in the first result in SERP especially with a tight budget.
There are many factors to master the search results in certain keyword. At Google Adwords Course you are going to know the basics of this process and how to dominate certain terms that serve your business goals.Our Google Adwords Course is a practical course, so you apply its steps by yourself from the keyword research till analytics and payments.

Google Adwords Course – Day1

  • Introduction to Search Engine Marketing

  • Keywords types

  • Keywords analysis and selection

  • Google Advertising types

  • Building Google Adwords campaign

Google Adwords Course – Day2

  • Keywords planner

  • Creating winning ads (search/display)

  • Display Ads

  • Campaign management and optimization

  • Bidding techniques and control

Google Adwords Course – Day3

  • Adwords for video marketing

  • Reporting

  • Integration with Google Analytics

  • Payments and Billing

  • Adwords Certificate

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