E-Commerce Course

E-Commerce Training Course (2 days)

Building an e-commerce store needs a certain type of experience and knowledge. We gathered this kind of experience during the past 5 years and collect it in E-Commerce Course, supported by live examples and case studies.
In E-Commerce Course, Pixel Arabia uncovers the opportunities that E-Commerce market offers for your business. And then you will be able to launch your first E-Commerce store or restructure the existent one, if you already have an e-commerce website.
According to E-Commerce Course content you will be well knowledgeable about the main keys of successful E-Commerce business and then you can start immediately your first online store.

E-Commerce Course – Day1

  • Introduction to E-Commerce

  • Types of E-Commerce

  • E-Commerce in KSA

  • E-Commerce business model components

  • E-Store Structure and core contents

  • How to build a profitable E-Store

E-Commerce Course – Day2

  • E-Store operation models

  • E-Store technologies

  • E-Payment & Security

  • Shipment methods and agreements

  • How to promote and market your E-Store

  • Social Commerce and Mobile Commerce

  • Examples and Case studies

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