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Tuesday,15 May, 2018 Write by Nasser Jamal

Launch your First Mobile Application

Some questions may come to your head when you see the word “Mobile application development“. You may ask yourself:

Do I really need this app?
How will it help me enhance my business?
When & how to launch this mobile application?

Successful business owners solve their problems by thinking out of the box. They think in different ways that not everyone can reach, and this is what makes them successful!

Every day, hundreds of mobile applications show up as smart marketing solutions. Apps for online shopping, for managing a company’s services, for tracking your everyday training, for showing the latest updates and breaking news, etc…

If you want to be one of those successful business owners, then you should think the same way they do. You should think of having a smart way to promote your business, a way that should save you time and more money. Developing a mobile app for your business would be that smart solution; it could have a great role in the process of growing and raising your company at no time.

If you have an idea to develop a mobile application, then you have taken your first step towards the successful app. If not, then you need to look out for the problems that you face every day, for which mobile app programming can be the magic solution. The solution that would save you money and time. You can consider the problems that face you every day and how you overcome them. Then, make a list of your smart solutions, and apply them in a mobile app to avoid these problems in the future.

Tips to get your first mobile app development done well

  • Understand your customers’ needs:

To ensure the success of your app you should well-understand your customers’ needs and demands. Therefore, you will be able to determine the type of services that you will provide them. So, you have to put your great efforts into the market research and analyzing its needs.

You may hire apps development agency that is specialized in providing mobile app development services. This mobile app development company can help you get a professional app, thanks to its application development team and talented graphic designs.

  1. Focus on the core features
    Put down your priorities on a paper, and include the flow of your app navigation and features- from the shoes of your customers. This step will help your mobile app developer to understand your needs and expectations.
  2. Choose a catchy design

Many app making companies focus on app development and neglect the design. They just develop traditional app design. Yet, we- at Pixel Arabia- believe that app design is not about how the app looks like but it’s all about the app will work and how the user experience will be. We always consider the user experience and the unique graphics for all the application development services we provide. This is how we become the best mobile app companies in Jeddah, KSA.

  • Hire a custom mobile app development company

You should hire a mobile application development services company, which has an expert graphics team and a great application development team.  A company that has the ability to provide all types of mobile programming services including, iPhone mobile application development, android app development, windows mobile app development, and the other types of mobile operating systems. That would help you spread your app to all the app stores and reach more customers. Thus, gain more sales and more profits.

  • Choose the perfect time to launch your app
    When you are about to launch your first mobile application, you should consider the App Store you choose to launch your app on. For instance, if you released your app in Google Play Store on Monday, it would be the worse decision you took. As Monday is not the right day to promote your app on Google play store, according to many studies and reports in the mobile industry. It is always better to launch your app on Thursday and promote it on weekends.

Once you are done with the previous tips, then you will be ready to launch your first app. However, put in your mind that mobile app development cost some money yet it is a profitable tool. It should be done in a professional way to get its fruits. A single lapse could cost you more money. So, be careful and focus on your main factors and features to get a perfect mobile app timing.

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