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Tuesday,13 February, 2018 Write by Nasser Jamal

Custom iPhone app for your Unique Business

Nowadays, everyone is using smartphones for many other things than just making phone calls. For instance, they can: connect with friends and family via different social media platforms, exercise and track calories using sports and fitness apps, read eBooks and check the news, or search whatever they need whenever they want. They also may book an airplane ticket or hotel room for their coming vacation, play games, listen to music, know about a new recipe, or even learn a new language. There are millions of things could be done using a smartphone. So why would you not use a mobile app to help improving your business, too?

Mobile apps are not an option for the success of your small business anymore. It became a necessity; recent marketing researchers reported that nearly 91% of smartphone users consider mobile apps as their personal assistants, while some users reported believing they are “addicted” to mobile applications.

Why iPhone App Development?

Apple is one of leading smartphone makers worldwide. The story started in January of 2007 when Apple released its first version of smartphones “iPhone”. The phone that has marked a revolution in the smartphone market over the world, thanks to its innovative features including, multi-touch screen and smart virtual keyboard. So far, Apple has released 9 generations of its iPhones, and become the second biggest smartphone vendor in the world.

Apple runs its own mobile operating system, iOS, which is the second most popular smartphone operating system in the world, after Android operating system.  Apple App Store is the first app store platform, which enables users to browse and download millions of applications to their iPhone. More than 2 millions iOS apps are available out there; games, business, and education apps are the most popular ones.

Having a custom iphone application for your business means a lot. Simply, it could help your company to be live on your customers’ phones, which will increase their engagement with your services and build a solid brand loyalty. That’s why you should establish your business goals and needs with your app development company to ensure that your iphone app connects well with the target users and provides you a competitive advantage in the market.

App Development Cost

Many companies wonder, how much does it cost to develop a mobile app. In fact, it is a very hard question to answer, as it depends upon the type and nature of application you want. Complex apps could cost considerably more than a relatively simple one. You should collaborate with the most trusted app design companies that offer a good price compared to the quality of their services.

Looking for iPhone app development services in KSA

Pixel Arabia is one of the leading app creation companies in Saudi Arabia. We provide custom mobile apps to fulfill your unique business needs and requires. We provide affordable mobile application development services that could help you boost your marketing plan, increase your revenue, grow a solid loyal customer base, and strengthen your online presence. That’s what makes us one of the top mobile app companies in Jeddah.

Whether you are looking for the best app building companies in Riyadh or the most cost-effective companies who provide iPhone application development services, Pixel Arabia has it all. We offer a wide range of app development services and solutions that can help you meet your goals and deadlines.

We believe that mobile apps are only for large companies, but small businesses can really make great benefits from having their own custom mobile app.  Build your own app could save even 70% of your marketing budget. We will help you get an effective iPhone app without wasting your time or money.

Pixel Arabia helped a number of medium, large companies, and organizations in developing their online experience and achieving targeted goals easily. We have been ranked among the top mobile app companies in KSA and Middle East due to our creative and innovative team of professional developers. We create and build smart up-to-date apps to enhance your digital presence on the different channels including website design, mobile application development, and social media marketing. We offer superb brilliant digital marketing solutions at affordable prices.

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