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Wednesday,14 February, 2018 Write by Nasser Jamal

Web Hosting Services

It’s all started with a web hosting, even you want to design a website or a blog for your business. It is one of the main gates, which you should go through to be online and have your own presence on the internet. Therefore, we should clarify what is the meaning of web hosting at first, and then we can get to know its types and the best web hosting companies in KSA.

What is the web hosting?

Web hosting is the service that allows you to post your company website or web page live on the Internet. You can get this service from a web-hosting provider who has the technologies and technics needed for hosting your page on special computers called hosting servers.

These servers are special computers that hold a bunch of files and are capable of performing operations on them. They have a CPU, memory, a hard drive, and other components. They even have an operating system, usually a Linux-based one.

However, after hosting your website on the servers, it will have a unique URL, which will be used by the web users to get into your page. Most hosting companies require that you should have your own domain in order to be able to host with them. Yet, if you do not have your own domain, the web-hosting provider will help you purchase one.

Yet, who is the host provider?

The hosting provider is the company that owns the server hosts your content. These companies offer server spaces to host websites, in addition to other servers related such as server management, technical support, malware scanning, backups and so on. In a nutshell, host provider companies provide you with the hardware of your website that would enable you to post and manage your website.

Best Web Hosting Companies in Riyadh

If you are looking for the best companies that provide hosting in Saudi Arabia, then Pixel Arabia is the one. Pixel Arabia offers unique web hosting services that are available on every Web Hosting type.  With us, you can host and manage virtually your business website whatever it is; a Blog, Wiki, CMS, Photo gallery, online store, and so on. Thanks to our up-to-date hosting services that run on top systems including, Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. That’s why we are now one of the best cloud hosting in Saudi Arabia.

Types of Web Hosting Services

There are different types of web hosting services out there. To determine the type that will fulfill your needs, you should know and understand almost every type to get the right one for you. At Pixel Arabia, we provide you with different types of web hosting solutions and plans. You determine which one would serve the needs of your website, budget, and business needs. Whether you are a start-up or have your own business and need to go on to the next level.

  • Shared Hosting

    it means that you will share a server with other websites, it means that you will share the cost as well. That is why it is considered the best solution for start-ups and small business. Yet, it has some of the downsides, such as being slower, because of sharing the physical server and its software applications with other websites.

Unlike the shared hosting, in dedicated hosting, you will have the entire server for your website. It means that you will enjoy faster speed and better performance. Yet, it also means that you will pay for the entire web hosting cost. This type is perfect for the business owners whose websites require many system resources and need a high-level of security.

  • VPS Hosting

    It stands for “Virtual Private Server” –VPS, it is probably the most common web hosting service in the whole world. It is still a shared hosting, but in a different way; as your website will share one physical server but has its own software applications. It is a smart solution between shared hosting and dedicated one; VPS hosting is usually limited to 10-20 websites. Therefore, VPS web hosting cost is affordable for companies with medium business. You can say that a high-end VPS is cheaper than a low-end dedicated server, and also a lot more powerful and affordable.

Choose the right hosting solution for you form our extensive packages. We provide a wide range of hosting services for business, non-profits, and governmental organizations with the best prices in Jeddah and KSA. We are here to help you select the perfect solution that will serve your business needs.  

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